40th Anniversary Task Force

The Society has convened a special, broadly-based 40th Anniversary Task Force, reflective of all areas of the organization, to provide ideas and guidance on the anniversary observances.

40th Anniversary Task Force members, and the area which each represents, are as follows:519

  • Tina Garza, PhD, Task Force Chair
  • Diana Marinez, PhD, Founder
  • Lee Bitsóí, PhD, Board
  • Lydia Villa-Komaroff, PhD, (Council of Senior Advisors) COSA Member and founder
  • Yvonne Rodriguez, PhD, Staff
  • Lino Gonzalez, PhD, National Program Committee Member
  • Greg Villareal, PhD, Local Organizing Committee, Board, National Program Committee
  • Kai Kamaka, Local Organizing Committee
  • Jenny Kurzweil, Staff
  • Dave Wilson, PhD, Staff

Share Your Stories and Your Ideas

We especially want to share the stories of our founders and members and generate ideas to enrich this year. To share your story, please contact Jenny Kurzweil at [email protected]