How We Do Our Work

"What works is team thinking. And, it is essential that it remains that way at SACNAS, because this is a movement."
 - Dr. Jose Dolores (J.D.) Garcia, SACNAS Past President

The current work of SACNAS is driven by our strategic plan (2009-2013) and by the outcomes and goals set by the Vision 2020 Advisory Task Force. We actively seek opportunities to break the mold of a traditional top-down approach, and instead encourage meaningful collaboration and teamwork across all levels of the organization.

Board, Volunteers, and Staff

Our day-to-day operations are a collective effort between staff, board, committees, volunteers, and partners. The SACNAS Board of Directors leads the organization in vision setting, organizational governance and policies, and making decisions related to forwarding the mission of the organization. Members actively volunteer their time as mentors in SACNAS programs and serve on our year-round working and governance committees, which are focused on quality and excellence and serve in an advisory capacity to the organization. The SACNAS staff works closely with committees, volunteers, members, and the entire board to plan, set strategies and intended outcomes, and to carry out our programs and services.

National Network of Partners

The broad and diverse network at SACNAS is a critical component of the work we do and contributes significantly to the wide range of opportunities we offer. SACNAS sponsors and partners are located throughout the country at hundreds of academic, government, and corporate institutions. These institutions offer a wealth of graduate programs, internships, scholarships, fellowships, and jobs. Our ability to serve thousands of students and professionals every year with extensive resources and opportunities is a direct result of the strength of this network.

The work of SACNAS cannot be done alone. It is through collaboration, teamwork, and shared commitment that we are able to meet the needs of our communities and prepare the next generation to become leaders in science.