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2/9/15 - SACNAS Appointment Strengthens Zarate's Impact at USD, Nationally

1/15/15 - Mathematics Prof. Herbert Medina Honored with National Award

1/9/15 - Big Problems Require Big Solutions: The Federal Government's Bold Diversity Initiative, Huffington Post

11/18/14 - Crisis & Opportunity: Op-Ed on Latino Voices at Huffington Post

11/1/14 - Aaron A. Velasco: Revived Insights Museum fills crucial STEM need for El Paso

8/23/14 - 2014 SACNAS Student Leadership Regional Meeting begins August 23, 2014

7/30/14 - UNM-VC Professor to be Honored with National Award

3/21/14 - SACNAS Founder Dr. Richard Tapia wins Vannevar Bush Award

2/13/14 - SACNISTA Dr. Andrew Tsin Wins 2013 AAAS Lifetime Mentor Award

10/9/2013 - Research Media LTD. Kristine Garza, Executive Director SACNAS.

10/31/2013 -  Navajo Times. SACNAS Deputy Director hopes to get more Natives into science.

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