Our Publications & Stories

At SACNAS, everyone has a story to tell. Whether you are a first year science major or a nationally recognized scientist, SACNAS honors all of our stories. Our shared experience is what makes us a community—changing the face of science one story at a time.

A Society of Storytellers

Perhaps you are pushing towards the next level of your education or career or are uncertain about your future. Maybe you are struggling to make the grade or trying to balance work or school with family life. SACNAS storytellers provide us with the inspiration and motivation to carry on. Here is a community of over 20,000 SACNISTAs ready to support you on your path to success. Listen. Read. Watch. Engage with SACNAS storytellers and remember that you are not alone.

  • SACNAS Biography Project - a living archive of over 80 life stories & videos of SACNAS mentors, role models, and professionals
  • SACNAS News - our bi-annual magazine publication featuring stories written by and about SACNAS scientists—from students, to postdocs, to professionals—sharing their work, discoveries, and advice
  • Changes We Have Seen - traditional knowledge publication sharing the wisdom of elders and polar scientists telling the story of planetary transformations due to climate change
  • StoryCorps - a national oral history project, partnered with SACNAS to record conversations between SACNISTAs. So far, we have recorded 35 interviews and the archive keeps growing. Audio clips and photos will be featured online soon!