Transformation to a Scientific Attitude - SACNAS News Magazine - Summer/Fall 2010

Summer/Fall 2010, Vol. 13, No. 1

The scientific attitude is characterized by inquiry, experimentation, a deep respect for evidence, and remaining open minded yet critical. What is the moment that an individual adopts a scientific attitude? Is it developed and cultivated or is it an innate perception of the world? How and when does an individual choose to identify themselves as a scientist? This issue of the SACNAS News focuses on that transformation—including the first thrill of research, the maturation of scientist through intellectual independence, and the role that networks, peers, and mentors play in this crucial process.



Pathways to Success in Science: Confidence, Coping, and Commitment
by Martin Chemers, PhD, Jamie Franco-Zamudio, PhD, and Sergio Queirolo, MS

An in-depth look at a new study on the shaping of a scientific identity among underrepresented minority and women science students... Continue reading

Science Education Feature

The Path to Becoming a Scientist: How the Media Can Help
by Kristin Cantú

Can TV and magazines create scientists? An exploration of how media campaigns are working to increase education in the Hispanic community... Continue reading

Special Feature

Moments of Understanding: Reflections on the Path to Becoming a Scientist
Stories by SACNISTAs about the moment they knew they were a scientist... Continue reading

Postdoc & Beyond Feature

Core Competencies for Future Researchers: A Compass for Navigating Your Career
by Emil Chuck, PhD

A primer on the core competencies developed by the National Postdoc Association. An essential read for young scientists learning what it takes to succeed... Continue reading

Policy Feature

SACNAS Science Policy Report
by Robert Barnhill, PhD

An update on SACNAS activities at the federal level and the SACNAS response to Arizona SB 1070... Continue reading


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Published date: 
Friday, Oct 8, 2010