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Summer/Fall 2011, Vol. 14, No. 1


253 Building Confidence
by Patty Talahongva
As an undergraduate, Dr. Erika Camacho had a funny feeling she didn’t quite belong. “Lots of people thought I was there to fill a quota,” she recalls. But she had sacrificed to get there and refused to give up. Continue reading...



Science Education Feature


Shedding the Imposter Syndrome:  A Conversation Between Mentors
by Elma Gonzalez, PhD & Maggie Werner-Washburne, PhD
"I believe the Imposter Syndrome is widely exprience, but ironically, everyone who experiences it feels isolated and certain that if they speak of it, everyone will know they are doomed to failure. Continue reading...


Student Forum

255 Building Confidence Through Building Community
by Leslie Ann Caromile, PhD
I stood there alone as the singular Native American pathology graduate—but with a room full of family and friends, I did not feel alone. I was proud of my achievements and confident in my abilities as a scientist; however, it wasn’t always this way. Continue reading...


256 Viewpoint - Featured Mentor: Ricordo Cortez, PhD
by Ricardo Cortez, PhD
Viewpoint features distinguished SACNAS mentors, honored annually at the national conference, who respond to questions from studetns regarding research, graduate school, internships, and so on. Continue reading...



Postdoc & Beyond Features

258 Building Confidence as a Lever for Success in Industry
by Patricia Berger, PhD
Self-confidence allows us to have a positive and realistic outlook on our surroundings and ourselves. In an industrial setting, self-confidence will play a key role. Continue reading...



332 Fully Committed, Fully Confident: An Interview with Michael L. Penn, Jr., MD/PhD
by Sigolène Ortega
Dr. Michael L. Penn, Jr., recognizes that the key thing to understand about confidence is that no one is confident 100% of te time—confidence truly waxes and wanes. Continue reading...


SACNAS Community Articles

262 Building Confidence Through Collaboration: Tools for Increasing Student Success at Community Colleges
by Karla E. Marquez
Every two weeks, students from different majors, age groups, and economic and family situations meet in the Napa Valley College (NVC) Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Center. Continue reading...


261 Highlights from Native American Programming at SACNAS
by David Wilson, PhD
As the director of Native American initiatives at SACNAS, I am privileged to be working toward creating a sustainable pipeline that supports and provides opportunities to young Native scientists. Continue reading...



260 Science in Action Profiles
Featuring: Cynthia Ivette Wood, Aura Alegra Eroy-Reveles, PhD, and Vladimir Ramirez-Carrozzi, PhD
"I love to do experiments to discover the unknown. I truly enjoy m job because every small finding could some day result in a novel therapeutic that alleviates human disease - and I find that rewarding. Continue reading...


259 Vision, Confidence, and Science Policy
by Robert Barnhill, PhD
Confidence is a requirment for success in envisioning and implementing science policy. SACNAS is an agent for social change that seeks to radically transform and diversity the face of science and thereby, science itself. Continue reading...



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