SACNAS News Magazine - Summer/Fall 2012

Summer/Fall 2012, Vol. 15, No. 1

(Note: This was the last printed issue of SACNAS News. To request back issues in hard copy, contact the editor.) 

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Cover Feature

330 Is “MyPlate” Right for You? Creating a New Discourse on the One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Nutrition
By Elisa Maldonado, PhD

America’s obesity epidemic is getting renewed publicity after HBO aired Weight of the Nation in May 2012. A partnership among the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and National Institutes of Health (NIH), the goal of Weight of the Nation is to bring attention to the obesity epidemic, its causes and consequences, and provide recommendations for its prevention (IOM 2012). However, I believe the recommendations this project gives for the prevention of obesity and chronic disease will not work, especially for Hispanic and Native American communities....  Continue reading...


Feature Articles

338 Funding Your Ideas: Advice from the Postdoc Trenches
By Edward Large, PhD

As a first-generation college student from the Wind River Indian Reservation, I was fortunate to have several educational opportunities. My great-grandmother did not have a formal education, but as a child of the American Indian Wars, she was blessed with nearly a century of wisdom and grit. She encouraged us to develop enough self-reliance to leave the reservation and to acquire higher education (that is, learn the ways of the whites) but to never forget our Native American roots. Continue reading...


339 Affirmative Action: At the Intersection of Politics & Education
by Patty Talahongva and Ruth Hopkins

In fall 2012, politics and education will again collide head-on when Fisher v. University of Texas will be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case involves Abigail Noel Fisher who claims she was not admitted to the University of Texas at Austin because she is white. Continue reading...


340 Scientific Talent in our Rising Communities - STEM Graduation Ceremony, University of California, Santa Cruz
Commencement Address delivered by Judit Camacho

Graduates, families, faculty, and staff, I am delighted to share this milestone occasion with you. Continue reading...



In Every Issue

341 Chapter Resources: Building a Community of Scientists
By Renè Moreno

My first SACNAS National Conference was in 2009 (Dallas, Texas), when I was an undergraduate at University of California, Santa Cruz, studying molecular, cell, and developmental biology. Overall, I was thrilled to be part of an organization that helps foster the growth of scientists, but it was when I attended the SACNAS chapter reception that I began to see what that really means. At this event, I witnessed the immense impact SACNAS has on all its members through the chapter program. Continue reading...

342 Scientists in Action: Q&A

Questions & answers from three SACNAS leaders on their recent job changes and transitions. Continue reading...




345 Meet the New PhDs of SACNAS

Celebrate the accomplishments of the newest SACNISTA PhDs!

Interviews: Read in-depth profiles of new PhDs Dr. Wela Yong & Dr. Shaneka Lawson.



344 Policy Report: Disparities in Grant Awards at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
By Estela Gavosto, PhD

A 2011 study on “Race, Ethnicity, and NIH Research Awards,” (the “Ginther report”) concluded that the likelihood that black applicants would be awarded NIH research funding was 10 percentage points below whites. This report has stimulated tremendous discussion in many sectors, led to conversations within NIH leadership on the need for renewed efforts to increase diversity in our nation’s biomedical research workforce, and afforded SACNAS an opportunity to address NIH on these critical issues. Continue reading...


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