SACNAS News Magazine - Summer/Fall 2013

Summer/Fall 2013, Volume 16, No. 1

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Feature Articles

758 Seven Steps for Success: How to use your Summer Research to Maximize the SACNAS Conference
By John Augusto, PhD
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Success leaves clues. Each year, I talk with students about their research projects, what they want to do in the upcoming summer, or their plans for graduate school. Continue reading...

759 Building Your Individual Development Plan (IDP): A Guide for Undergraduate Students
By C.Gita Bosch, PhD
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Do you know with certainty that you are on track to graduate from your undergraduate program armed with the skills you need for the next step in your career? Continue reading...

760 Becoming a Scientist Abroad – Seven Strategies for Going Global
By Carolina Reyes, PhD
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Meeting so many international students who are expected to travel outside their home countries to broaden their research experience made me realize I had been limiting my potential as a scientist and as a person by not thinking globally. Continue reading...

In Every Issue

761 Science Policy Report: Sequestration: Uncertainty…and Opportunity
By Alaina Levine
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Sequestration isn't in the headlines any more, but that doesn't mean scientists aren't feeling its effects every day. Continue reading...

762 SACNAS Chapters: Resources for Professional Development: Advice from the NIH-SACNAS Chapter
By Rocio Benabentos, PhD
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Resources on creating meaningful professional development activities from the first SACNAS professional chapter. Continue reading...

763 Q&A: Scientists in Action - The Imposter Syndrome
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Three of the 2013 SACNAS National Conference keynotes share their personal experiences with the imposter syndrome. Continue reading...

764 Celebrate the New PhDs of SACNAS
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Celebrate the new generation of talent! Meet the latest PhDs of SACNAS.

765 New SACNISTA PhD Profile: Researcher, Role Model, Advocate – Dr. Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer
By Yaihara Fortis-Santiago, PhD
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