SACNAS News Magazine, Summer/Fall 2014

Summer/Fall, Volume 17, No. 1

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Feature Articles

1118 Engaged Scholarship: A Promising Road-less-traveled for STEM Science Cultures
By Dana Sanchez, PhD, and Susana Rivera-Mills, PhD

A discussion on how engaged scholarship can help diversify STEM. READ MORE.





Providing Meaning: Helping Underrepresented Students Get the Most Out of Research Experience
By Jessi L. Smith, PhD; Dustin Thoman, PhD; and Cameron Robinson, BS, HTL (ASCP)

 How lab assistants can move beyond "doing dishes" to creating meaningful research. READ MORE.





Mattering: Making Science Significant for Underrepresented Students
By Sonia Zárate, PhD; Armine Sanosyan; and Sean Perez

 Vesting minorities in STEM through the undergraduate research experience. READ MORE.



In Every Issue

Science Policy - Involving Underrepresented Minority Scientists in Climate Change Research

By Robert E. Megginson, PhD

Op-ed arguing for diverse perspectives and a holistic view in tackling climate change research. READ MORE.





SACNAS Chapters - SACNISTAS Bridging the Gap: Working to Increase Transfer and Retention Between Community College Students and Four-Year Institutions in STEM
By Stephanie K. Pleasant, Carlos Garcia, and Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell, PhD

A SACNAS chapter works to ease the transfer process for community college students. READ MORE.





Scientists in Action: Q & A - How to Prepare for a Successful Academic Career
Four recently tenured SACNISTAS answer questions about how to best prepare for an academic career. READ MORE.






1124 Celebrate the New PhDs of SACNAS
Congratulate the next generation of STEM leaders! READ MORE.






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Why write for SACNAS?

"I have been reading the SACNAS News whenever it comes out and have found the articles timely, informative, encouraging, and personal. Last fall, it so happened that I had a topic I wanted to write about. I felt that writing this personal article specifically for the SACNAS News made sense because I believed it spoke to the SACNAS mission and community. The experience of writing for SACNAS was rewarding in terms of getting to know other SACNAS members (my interviewees), learning much more about my topic of interest, knowing that I had encouraged others, and gaining a future research interest outside my academic training."

Published date: 
Monday, Jul 21, 2014