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The SACNAS News showcases the science and diversity of SACNAS members while sharing their research, stories, and experiences. Each issue of the bi-annual digital publication features in-depth coverage of current issues within the scientific community, celebrates the achievements and contributions of our members, and provides resources for academic and professional development. Written by and about SACNAS scientists, the SACNAS News is truly the voice of the SACNISTA movement.

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Feature Articles

1309 Bringing Indigenous Researchers to the Forefront of Genomics 

By Katrina Claw, PhD and Náníbaa’ Garrison, PhD

"The rapidly advancing field of genomics won’t wait for Indigenous students to catch up; we need to be a part of the revolution now." READ MORE.




1316 Indigenizing Academia in the Sciences: A Tool Kit for Bringing Two Worlds Together 

By Joslynn Lee, PhD

"I learned that I can be a Native scientist without giving up one or the other and it takes a lot of long-term planning and some sacrifices to bring the two worlds together." READ MORE.



1311 Mood Disorders in Graduate and Undergraduate Students: a Personal, Scientific, and Cultural Perspective

By Jorge Munoz, PhD

"A prevalent, memorable question is always: “Do you no longer enjoy activities that you used to enjoy?” It is simple, to the point and for me, and many others, it was the take-home question..." READ MORE.



1312 Successful Mentoring of our Protégés: A Postdoc’s Perspective for New Mentors

By Jeannie Hernandez, PhD

"If you had the opportunity to hear your PhD advisor’s truest, most candid, and uncensored opinions about you, would you take it?"  READ MORE.


In Every Issue


1313 Student Resource: You Attended a SACNAS National Conference (or a Networking Event), Now What?

By René Moreno

"Now that you are back home and have gone through all the brochures, flyers, and business cards that you collected, it’s time to create a game plan to help you use your new connections." READ MORE.



1315 Science Policy: Why Minority Science Students Should Care About Science Policy

By Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres

"When sequestration happened, with the NIH budget adjustments alone, we lost $9,498,000 in funding for underrepresented minority (URM) programs––and this without counting URM professors who lost their research grants funding."  READ MORE.




Scientist in Action: Q&A with Dr. Bruce Alberts

Dr. Alberts was recently awarded the National Medal of Science by President Barack Obama. READ MORE.





1124 Celebrate the New PhDs of SACNAS

Congratulate the next generation of STEM leaders! READ MORE.






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Thursday, Jan 15, 2015