Active Core Committees

National Conference Program Committee

The National Conference Program Committee (NCPC) develops the content for the SACNAS national conference.  The NCPC develops the conference theme, reviews and selects session proposals, and develops effective sessions and formats.  NCPC members play a key role in identifying and inviting keynote speakers who are congruent with SACNAS goals and the conference theme.

2013 Members: Ricardo Cortez (Chair), Elsie Ovrahim (Vice Chair), Everett Salas, Lino Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez, David Burgess, Nayda Santiago, Greg Villareal, Laura Robles, Maggie Werner-Washburne

2013 Advisory Members: Mohsen Beheshti, Patricia Berger, Carlos Gutierrez, Sonia Ortega, Leticia Marquez-Magaña, and Jose Dolores Garcia


Local Organizing Committee

The purpose of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is to create a network of collaborators representing local sponsoring institutions, community organizations, local government officials, and local Native American/American Indian tribes and organizations.

Members: Greg Villareal (Chair), Yvonne Rodriguez (Co-Chair), George Perry, Andy Tsin, George Negrete, Edwin Barea-Rodriguez, Kai Kamaka, Gail Taylor, Rudy Jimenez, Nicquet Blake, Alfred Alaniz  and numerous additional individuals from the San Antonio community.

Host Institutions: The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)


Student Presentations Committee

The Student Presentations Committee designs and coordinates everything associated with student poster and oral presentations including, but not limited to, recruiting reviewers and judges, the abstract review process, the judging procedure, and the awards ceremony.  In addition, the committee is responsible for the development of alternative/additional methods of mentoring and supporting students in developing/improving their presentation skills.

Membership: Guillermo Acosta (Chair), Asis Lopez (Vice Chair), Jacquelyn Bolman (Co-Chair), Deborah Overath (Co-Chair), and Brandon Gaytán


Chapters Committee

The Chapters Committee (CC) establishes operating standards and goals for student and/or professional chapters.  The CC also: 1) assesses chapter member needs; 2) oversees the chapters, 3) develops new initiatives, organize and promote chapter and advisor sessions at the SACNAS national conference; and 4) evaluates chapters and make awards to outstanding chapters.  The CC advises chapters in resource development, fundraising, and organizing regional events. 

2013 Members: Nancy Hurtado-Ziola (Chair), Rene Moreno (Vice Chair), Lino Gonzalez, Charla Lambert, Kermin Hernandez, Greg Villareal, Tiffany Reardon, Griselda Velasquez, and Joseph Hibdon


Distinguished Awards Committee

The Distinguished Awards Committee is responsible for the review and selection of scientists who are to receive distinguished scientist and mentor awards at the SACNAS national conference.

2013 Members: Jose Dolores Garcia (Co-Chair), Marigold Linton (Co-Chair), Marina Ramon (Vice Chair), Luis Haro, Maria Elena Zavala, Healani Chang, and Robert Barnhill


Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAd) brings membership perspective to SACNAS News.  Committee members advise staff in developing SACNAS News (digital magazine) content, selecting writers, and connecting staff with potential sources.

2013 Members: (Chair to be selected), Jenny Kurzweil (Vice Chair), Jesus Morales, Roberta Pokpahnah, Juan Ramirez, Yvonne Rodriguez, Dave Wilson, Maggie Werner-Washburne and Kim Tallbear 


Native American Affairs Committee

The Native American Affairs Committee (NAAC) supports the SACNAS Director of American Indian Affairs in assessing the needs of Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian members and determining the best means of addressing these needs. NAAC identifies and pursues opportunities that will ensure the participation of Native American students in all aspects of SACNAS programming.

2013 Members: Healani Chang (Chair), Dave Wilson (Vice Chair), Chris Andronicos, Lee Bitsoi, K.C. Christensen, Wilfred Denetclaw, Casey Dorr, David Burgess, Gilbert John, Katannya Kapeli, Norma Neely, Johnny Poolaw, Maria Teresa Velez, Nina Wampler and Maria Pontes Ferreira


Post-Doc/Professional Advisory Committee

The Post-Doc/Professional Advisory Committee reviews and assesses the needs of postdoctoral and professional SACNAS members. The Committee develops new initiatives, benefits and resources to increase and retain post-doctoral and professional members and to support their career and leadership advancement. The Committee plans the conference post-doc/professional activities, year-round professional development programming, and works to identify and help secure program funding.   This Committee also provides oversight and guidance to the Leadership Institute initiative.

2013 Members: Talithia Williams (Chair), Gabriel Montaño (Co-Chair), Marina Ramon (Vice Chair), Lino Gonzalez, Robert Barnhill, Allyn Kaufmann, Tepring Piquado, Corey Welch, Jonathan Deane, and Patrica Jumbo Lucioni