Active Governance Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) oversees operations of the board.  The EC consists of the four officers of the Corporation: the President, the President-Elect or Past President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. The EC, chaired by the President, assists the Executive Director in the conduct of the affairs of the organization, as needed, when the Board is not in session. The EC may also act on behalf of the board during on-demand activities that are then considered by the Board for review. 

2013 Members: Maggie Werner-Washburne (President), Ernest Marquez (Past-President), Nancy Hurtado-Ziola (Treasurer), and Lee Bitsóí (Secretary).


Finance & Budget Committee

The Finance and Budget Committee (FBC) helps the Board ensure that SACNAS is in good fiscal health by ensuring that accurate and complete financial records are maintained, and ensuring that accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements are prepared and presented to the Board on a regular basis (monthly).  The FBC oversees budget preparation and financial planning, and safeguards the organization’s assets. The FBC helps the full Board of Directors understand the organization’s financial affairs, and ensures compliance with federal, state, and other requirements related to SACNAS finances.

2013 Members: Nancy Hurtado-Ziola (Chair), David Burgess, Jose Dolores Garcia, Lino Gonzalez, Maria Elena Zavala, Lee Bitsóí, Maggie Werner-Washburne, and Ernie Marquez


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee (AC) serves as link between the auditor and the SACNAS President and Board of Directors.  The AC ensures that the auditor has full access to financial and related records, reviews the auditor’s report and submits it to the board. 

2013 Members: Mark Hattendorf (Chair), Maura Matera, Lino Gonzalez, Nancy Hurtado-Ziola


Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee (BC) creates the bylaws and is responsible for amending the bylaws as necessary. The committee meets as needed.  Proposed by-law revisions must be accepted by the Board of Directors and approved by the general membership.

2013 Members: Healani Chang (Chair), Lino Gonzalez, Lee Bitsóí, Elma Gonzalez, Gabriel Montaño, and Ernest Marquez


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee advises the Board of Directors on nominations and elections policies and practices, reviews and selects candidates for Board of Directors (to be voted on by SACNAS members), nominates slate for Board officer positions, oversees orientation process for new Board members.   


2012 Members: Jose Dolores Garcia (Chair), Gabriel Montaño, Ernest Marquez, Charla Lambert, John Herrington, and Brandon Gaytán.

2013 Members: to be appointed