Member Engagement Groups

An essential part of SACNAS has been its multi-faceted committee structure.  Through this structure the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers from the membership govern, implement, and oversee most of the program work of the organization.  It is also essential to recognize that there are many more SACNAS members working in support of programming beyond those involved on the Board or committees such as reviewing abstracts, mentoring students and professionals, and advising local chapters.  ALL volunteers are critical to our mission.

SACNAS committee/volunteer structure engages three primary groups:

  1. Governance Committees and Task Forces - which relate directly to the Board of Directors and support it in carrying out responsibilities for fiduciary and strategic policy-setting and oversight.
  2. Core Committees and Task Forces - which are authorized by the Board of Directors but work in conjunction with the staff and report to the Board through the staff; these Committees and Task Forces are aligned with carrying out the work of the organization by engaging the knowledge, perspectives, and connections of SACNAS Board and other members to advise, contribute content, and support SACNAS staff in planning and implementing the work of SACNAS as delegated by and consistent with Board set strategic directions, operational policies, and oversight.
  3. Many other volunteer opportunities - which engage individuals in specific activities in service to the mission.