Past Summer Leadership Institutes

The SACNAS Leadership Program began with the presentation of the 2008 Conference Leadership Workshops following with the first Summer Leadership Institute in July, 2009. Program offerings support the development of skilled leadership including professional growth in leadership styles, career planning, communication and negotiation, and more.

Each Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) class maintains an online community where professionals continue to network, share their accomplishments and recommend opportunities in support of leadership success.

2009 Summer Leadership Institute Participant Quotes

"Participating in this institute was one of the most professionally valuable experiences I have had in a long time.  The ability to create a network of peers and learn strategies about topics such as conflict resolution were invaluable.  Finally, this experience has really energized me and pointed at the things I need to develop before I become a successful leader."

"[The SLI] forced me to take time away from my busy schedule to focus on leadership issues and to specifically outline my own goals and how to achieve them. The SLI also helped me to focus on my strengths and to work from there rather than build on deficiencies. The SLI also helped me to define a cohort of individuals and mentors outside of my work associates with which to interact (the SLI individuals do not have competing agendas that may affect their interactions with me)."

"[I have learned to] make the most of the opportunities that I have been given, but also to never settle for being in a place/situation where I am not happy with things."