Student & Postdoctoral Research Presentations

Undergraduate students, postbaccalaureate, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers are invited to submit an abstract for a chance to present their research during the Annual National Conference.  A vital component of our mentoring program, SACNAS mentors provide feedback and guidance to students at every level of research experience and presentation skill.  Here are some examples of abstract submissions accepted in various STEM disciplines.

Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Eligibility

  • Be an undergraduate or postbaccalaureate at the time of submission
  • Be a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher at the time of submission

Abstract Aplicants:

Before you begin your abstract submission you must do the following:

  • Profile: Create or update your SACNAS profile
    • Once you have created/updated it, you can retrieve your SACNAS ID in your profile, which is needed to submit your abstract.
  • Be a current SACNAS member. You must have current SACNAS Membership (thru conference dates). You will not be able to access the application without current membership.
  • Membership: Current SACNAS membership required at time of submission
  • Guidelines:Submitters must read and follow the 2015 Abstract Submission Guidelines
  • Is this your first time submitting an Abstract? Take a look at the Student Presentations Resource page for more information.
  • Follow all the links in the website because this information will be useful for you in submitting your abstract and other important information, especially the FAQs.
  • On a final but important note, it is recommended you submit your abstract ahead of time to avoid any misfortunes.

Note: Once notified about your presentation status, awardees will have a few weeks to register for the SACNAS National Conference. Failure to register by the deadline stated in the notification e-mail will result in abstract withdrawal. All pending and outstanding dues must be paid to SACNAS before you register for the conference.


Undergraduate Student Poster Abstract

Spring Application Period: April 13- May 15, 2015 by 5pm PST


Summer Application Period: July 6- August 5, 2015 by 5pm PST

  • The purpose of the summer application is to accommodate undergraduate students participating in a summer research program.
  • The summer application prioritizes space and funding for students conducting summer research.

For more information on the summer eligibility, please look over the student presentations Guidelines or the FAQ page for more information.

Graduate Student Poster/Oral Abstract

Spring Application Period Only: April 13- May 15, 2015 by 5pm PST


Student Award Presentation Recognition

2014 Student Research Presentation Recognitions

Exemplary undergraduate student poster presenters and graduate student oral presenters are honored at the National Conference for their research presentations. In 2014, more than 1,000 students and postdoctoral researchers presented their research at the SACNAS National Conference. Thanks to sponsor contributions, SACNAS was able to award 105 students and were recognized for their outstanding research presentations at the awards ceremony.

Meet the 2014 Presentations Awardees

Meet the 2013 Presentations Awardees

Additional Information & Support

Please read the Research Presentations FAQs and if you need further assistance in submitting your abstract please contact SACNAS Student Research Presentations Programs Manager, Jessica Macias, at (toll free) 877-SACNAS-1.