Travel Scholarships

Through the generous support of government agencies (NIH, NIGMS, NSA) SACNAS is able to offer a limited number of travel scholarships for the annual SACNAS conference. A SACNAS Travel Scholarship funds the travel and lodging expenses to attend the 2014 SACNAS National Conference in Los Angeles, California, October 16 - 18, 2014. 

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Award Eligibility
Spring Application Period
Summer Application Period
Expenses Covered by the Award
Selection Process
How to Apply & More Information 

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Award Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be one of the following at the time of application submission and during the conference:
    • Undergraduate - including Community College & Tribal College students
    • Post baccalaureate - up to three years since degree completed
    • Graduate - including Master's and PhD programs
    • Postdoctoral Researcher - up to five years since degree completed
  2. Be pursuing an education/career in STEM or a related field
  3. Be in good academic standing (students)
  4. Be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university in the Fall 2014 (students) or be able to provide proof of degree completion (post baccalaureates and postdocs) 

Other requirements:

  1. Be a current SACNAS member. You must have current SACNAS Membership (thru conference dates). You will not be able to access the application without current membership.
  2. Have a SACNAS Profile. Update your SACNAS profile or create one.
  3. Applicants with outstanding balances cannot receive an award and should submit payment to become eligible.

Spring Application Period- Closed

2014 Application Period: March 17 - April 15 

As of July 30, all award notifications have been sent to spring applicants. If you did not receive an email contact

  • All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply during this period 

  • If you are participating in an undergraduate summer research program you should apply in the summer

  • Applicants should submit all application materials by the deadline (no exceptions will be made)

  • Applicants will receive their notification 7 weeks after the deadline. Do not contact the SACNAS office before then.

  • Applicants who receive an award will have 2 weeks to accept/decline the award, register and submit registration fees for the conference. Failure to register for conference will result in award withdrawal

Summer Application Period- Closed

2014 Application Period: June 16 - July 14 at 5 PM PDT 

As of July 30, all award notifications have been sent to summer applicants. If you did not receive an email contact

The purpose of the summer application is to accommodate undergraduate students participating in a summer research program. The summer application prioritizes space and funding for students conducting summer research. Please note, students cannot re-apply in the summer if you submitted a spring application that was not approved.

Undergraduate students in a summer research program:

  • Have your summer program information available (program name, host institution, program director name/email) as you will have to enter it on your application. Please note that we will contact your summer program director to verify your participation.

Students not in a summer research program:

  • If you missed the spring deadline SACNAS will still consider your summer application, however applications from undergraduate students in a summer program will receive priority.

Program Directors: for more information on the summer application period please review the 2014 Summer Program Directors Letter.

Expenses Covered by the Award

  • Lodging (room and tax only) at a conference hotel for four nights (Wednesday, October 15th - Sunday, October 19th) and
  • Airfare or train travel to Los Angeles, California 
  • SACNAS does not cover the conference registration costs. Student registration for the conference is $315. More information on conference registration
  • Award DOES NOT cover membership fees, registration costs, ground transportation to/from the airport/train station or hotel, baggage fees, or travel itinerary change fees. Also, the SACNAS Travel Scholarship does not fund international travel. SACNAS only grants travel from the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Selection Process 

  • Applications are reviewed by SACNAS staff and professional SACNAS members to determine the best overall applicants. The highest-rated applicants are selected as scholarship recipients.
  • Scholarships are scored on the basis of academic record and financial need.
  • The following applicants will receive priority consideration for an award; however, award allocation is not solely based on the criteria below but is also subject to application review and availability of discipline-specific funds.
    • First-time applicants with accepted research abstract
    • First-time applicants without an research abstract 
    • Returning applicants with accepted research abstract
  • Please note that travel scholarships are not awarded to:
    • Students in the immediate conference location area (Los Angeles County)
    • Students who are more than 200 miles away from the conference location area receive priority

How To Apply & More Information 

There are various webpages available that you should review before starting your application:

For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact program manager Brianda Alvarez for additional support at or (toll free) 877-SACNAS-1.