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Thank you for your continued patience as we seek to hire the Program Manager for Chapters to better serve you.  We anticipate a new hire by the end of March 2016. Should you have immediate questions, please send us an email at [email protected] or email  Antonia, [email protected].    

Let SACNAS help in developing your potential. Connect with opportunities, resources, mentors, and friends that will help you thrive in your education and future career.284

Student Opportunities - Research, Training, and Funding

Further your academic and professional career by applying for an internship, fellowship, or scholarship. Continue your education, fund your research, and achieve your goals.

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Resources for Students

Articles, videos, and tools created by fellow SACNISTAs to aid in career planning and professional development or to simply learn what other students in your field are up to. See student resources by topic, discipline, etc.

Travel Scholarships Available to attend the SACNAS National Conference

SACNAS is pleased to offer travel scholarships for the annual SACNAS conference. A SACNAS travel scholarship funds travel and lodging expenses. For more information go here: Travel Scholarships

Research Presentations at the SACNAS National Conference

SACNAS student programming is designed to help you reach scientific excellence and build a national network of peers and mentors. At the SACNAS National Conference you can present your research to a community of SACNAS scientists who are invested in your success. Present a poster on your research or take part in a graduate student scientific symposium and gain valuable feedback, develop your presentation skills, and network with professionals passionate about the SACNAS mission.

SACNAS Student Chapters

SACNAS student chapters are a great way to get involved with and stay connected to SACNAS. With over 72 SACNAS chapters nationwide you can be a part of SACNAS on a local level.

Featured Student Resources

They are our SACNISTA movers and shakers. They are fearless. They are bold. They are innovators and leaders. They are changing the face of STEM. SACNAS is pleased to  announce the 2016 Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) cohort! These 30 emerging leaders will participate in the 2016 SLI July 18 - 22 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Washington, DC headquarters.  Read More >

Last summer, Dr. Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer got to know herself better. An attendee of the 2015 SACNAS Summer Leadership Institute (SLI), Feliú-Mójer said she was challenged, made connections, and reaffirmed her belief that nothing is more worthy than staying true to herself. She said, “I also learned about the things that are holding me back and how to start letting them go.” Read More >