Reflections on Role Models: Dave Wilson

I grew up in the Northwestern part of New Mexico where I had very little exposure to the biological sciences. It took me many years of undergraduate study to experience enough biology to not be afraid of it and consider it as a career.

Two Things I Know About Success

As I traversed the academic path to obtain my degrees in molecular science I became acutely aware of two very important things. The first key to my success was continuous and positive mentorship. Dr. William Burke, a microbiology professor at Arizona State, acted not only as a mentor to me but also as a role model. He constantly encouraged me to continue to challenge myself academically and spiritually. The second key to my success was persistence. Just as in life there are many great days in science and some not so great days. When you get knocked down you must get up and dust yourself off and get back at it.

A Role Model for Native American Students

One of my goals is to demystify the biological sciences for Native American students. I want to help students embrace science and pursue the mysteries of nature to enhance the quality of life for our Native communities and the entire Nation. I would like to become somebody that Native American students will come to if they need help or advice. I would like to be what Dr. Burke was to me, a mentor and a role model.

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