Vote on our Bylaws

Over the past fiscal year, the SACNAS Board of Directors and Bylaws Committee have worked diligently with an outside consultant from BoardSource, an organization with expertise in non-profit organizational governance, and an attorney with expertise in bylaws, to revise our bylaws. This was done with three goals in mind:

The recommendations presented here are the result of multiple meetings to align our bylaws with the mission and aims of the strategic plan and to ensure efficiency. If approved by the membership (you!), SACNAS will begin implementing these updates immediately.

‘Great, so, how can I help?’

Vote! As a member of SACNAS, your participation in this process is vital.  In addition to reviewing and updating the bylaws every three years, SACNAS aims to ensure transparency with our membership.  Therefore, we are asking that you do your part and cast your vote today.

‘I want to do my part! Where do I vote?’

Before you cast your vote, be sure to review the bylaws infographic for a 1 page summary of the proposed revisions. For more detailed information, see the full current bylaws and the proposed bylaws documents.

Deadline to vote: Friday, July 28