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The SACNAS News showcases the science and diversity of SACNAS members while sharing their research, stories, and experiences. Each issue of the bi-annual digital publication features in-depth coverage of current issues within the scientific community, celebrates the achievements and contributions of our members, and provides resources for academic and professional development. Written by and about SACNAS scientists, the SACNAS News is truly the voice of the SACNISTA movement.


Summer/Fall, Volume 18, No. 1

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Message from the President

Message from the President

By Dr. Gabriel Montaño

"When I was elected president, I went through what I imagine are typical stages of response: humility, nervousness, anticipation, excitement, and then ultimately an eagerness to get started immediately..." READ MORE.



Feature Articles

Mamá Scientist: Lessons Learned on the Road to Motherhood

By Mary L. Garcia-Cazarin, PhD

"Once my daughter was born, in a moment of clarity in the haze of sleep deprivation, I had a revelation. Underlying the whole concept of “work-life balance” is the notion of perfection..." READ MORE.




Setting the Foundation for Success: Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges

By R. Deborah Overath, PhD

"...the mission of community colleges is teaching, and often faculty and administrators feel that conducting research is outside the purview of their institutions..." READ MORE.




Five Strategies for Designing Effective Broader–Impact Plans in Research Proposals

By Susan D. Renoe, PhD

"There can be a tension on review panels about whether BI activities need to be completely new and innovative or if they can use existing resources. However, there is no reason why a good BI plan cannot incorporate both..." READ MORE.

In Every Issue


Student Resource: The Grassroots Movement to Diversify STEM

By Daniel John Araujo and Andres Nevarez

"There is a belief that if URMs were worthy of entry into graduate programs, research–faculty appointments, or careers in scientific industry, we would already have secured these positions..."  READ MORE.




Op-Ed: Advancing STEM Diversity through Online Courses

By Audeliz Matias, PhD

"The rapidly changing landscape of the web and other technologies are disrupting what many consider the conventional practice of teaching and learning, and the Internet has become a major source for disseminating educational resources..." READ MORE.



Scientist in Action: Contributing to Your Community through Science Communication

By Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer, Ph.D

"Science and scientists seemed foreign and distant. I had never seen a scientist who looked or sounded like me in a book, on TV, or in the newspaper, let alone met one..." READ MORE.



Celebrate the New PhDs of SACNAS

Congratulate the next generation of STEM leaders! READ MORE.






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