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Undergraduate Scholars
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542 Amber Anderson (Cherokee) is a biochemistry and molecular biology student researching common infectious diseases in the Native American community. Amber plans to pursue an MPH in Public Health with a focus on epidemiology. Ultimately, she plans to obtain a PhD and run her own medical research lab to better understand diseases among Native Americans. Amber is actively involved with the Native American community at OSU and serves as a mentor to OSU freshmen.

The SSNAP workshop provided me the opportunity to collaborate with students and faculty members. The SACNAS conference provided me with new perspectives, great contacts and information on topics related to my area of interest.”


Lindsey Berger (Otoe-Missouri) is a physiology student interested in medicine and Alzheimer’s research. She hopes to obtain a MS degree in biomedical science. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys swimming, reading and shopping. 





Wilmon Brown (Chactaw) is a psychology student, studying behavioral neuroscience. His research is focused on the biological basis of learning. He aspires to obtain a PhD in Educational Psychology and contribute to the research in the Developmental Psychology field. Wilmon follows basketball and enjoys researching current astronomical events in his free time.

Attending SSNAP and SACNAS has encouraged me to continue pursuing my goals. It was refreshing to see professors and researchers from my cultural background.


545 Kayla Davis (Osage) is a microbiology student researching mitotic spindle positioning and sumoylation. Kayla aspires to be a Principal Investigator at a research institute. In her spare time, she enjoys ballet, jazz and tap dancing.

“SACNAS was an incredible opportunity for growing professionally as well as culturally.” 




546 Kristen Enyart (Seneca-Cayuga) is a microbiology student. She is currently working on host specificity of horsehair worms in North American and African freshwater snails. Her career goal is to become a pharmacist. In her free time, Kristen enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, reading and photography.

“SACNAS was a very good and positive experience!”

547 Alex Hardison (Cherokee) is a biological science student. His research interests include plant ecology, field ecology and ethno botany. Alex plans to pursue a PhD degree to conduct ecology work for the Cherokee Nation. He aspires to work in land restoration and give back to his community. Alex enjoys hiking, rock climbing, long boarding and various other outdoor activities.

“The SACNAS conference was beneficial in that I was able to present my research and gain experience in presenting at a national level, and to visit various schools and individuals about different opportunities available."

548 Gracie Jamison (Chickasaw) is a psychology studen currently researching evolutionary perspectives on mating and attraction. She has special interest in promoting education for HIV prevention in order to lower the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies in the state of Oklahoma. Gracie’s career goal is to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology and work as a clinician with her native community. In her spare time, Gracie enjoys the company of friends, listens to music and reads books.

“I believe both programs were beneficial to me. Having the opportunity to go to Seattle, WA to present my research poster was a great experience”

586 Geoff Kibble (Cherokee) is a mechanical and aerospace engineering student, interested in space technology, artificial gravity systems and inflatable structures research. Geoff hopes to obtain a space research position and prepare for graduate school.  

“I have learned a lot about applying to graduate school, how to present at conferences, and how to build a large professional network.”



585 Paul Martinez (Cherokee) is a cellular biology student interested in biomedical research. His goal is to apply to medical school after he obtains his BS degree. In his spare time, Paul enjoys watching movies and has special interest in ecology.

I was allowed to go to different conferences and network with my peers and professionals and to find more research opportunities.”



561 Amanda Mathias (Cherokee) is an animal science student. Her current research project looks at ethyl alcohol's effectiveness as a corneual nerve block when disbudding calves. Amanda plans to pursue a PhD and improve management practices of beef cattle to allow for efficient production. She hopes to work in industry or academia. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys watching NCIS, reading, cooking and playing softball.

“Having my presentation judged by professors unfamiliar with the cattle industry gave me a chance to answer questions I have never been asked before. Their point of view and questions made me think on my feet to explain my research in a way they would be able to understand, which I have never had to do before.”

583 Ashlyn Newcomb (Cherokee) is pursuing a BS in psychology. Her research interests include suicide, substance abuse and domestic violence. She plans to pursue a career with the Council of American Indian Families.





549 Leslie O’Connor (Comanche) is studying clinical psychology with a focus on child behavior. She hopes to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology. In her spare time, Leslie enjoys learning Spanish, reading and traveling. 




551 Allison Potts (Cherokee) is pursuing a BS in animal science. She is researching the reproductive hormones in mammals and is currently doing research on WNT signaling pathway in bovine. Her career goal is to obtain a PhD to become a tenured professor and inspire undergraduate students to get involved in research. Allison enjoys rock climbing, quilting and horseback riding and is actively involved in purebred Corgi rescue.

“SSNAP and SACNAS were a wonderful experience. Both have helped improve  my writing and networking skills. Plus I made a lot of new friends!” 

552 Keely Redhage (Cherokee) is pursuing a BS in Microbiology, studying microbial pathogenesis. Her research interests are cardiology and cystic fibrosis. She hopes to obtain her MD/PhD and become a surgeon. Keely is a member of Phi Mu Sorority and Alpha Epsilon Delta pre health honor society and enjoys archery.

“I absolutely loved SACNAS! The conference exposed me to many areas of research. The environment was positive and opened many doors for research opportunities.”


554 Jonathan Sofian (Osage) is a psychology student, researching suicide, depression and anxiety among Native Americans. Jonathan hopes to receive a PhD in clinical psychology and aspires to help serve the Native American community. Jonathan enjoys music, reading, sports and art.

“SSNAP and SACNAS provided me with very valuable information that I plan on using when I am applying for graduate school. I am very lucky to have been involved.”



555 Evan White (Absentee Shawnee) is a psychology student researching psychophysiology and its relation to psychopathology around emotion, anxiety and mood disorders. He aspires to become a researcher and educator in the psychology field. In his spare time, Evan enjoys music, woodworking, sports, outdoor activities and cultural ceremonies.

SACNAS and SSNAP gave me very valuable experience related to attending and presenting at a national conference.”

556 Grant Williams (Cherokee) is a physics student researching condensed molecular physics and is interested in renewable energy.  His ultimate goal is to obtain a PhD in physics and become a college professor. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking and various other outdoor sports.  

 The SSNAP and SACNAS program have helped me in learning how to apply to summer REU programs.  In addition the conference provided good contacts and of course new friends.  As a freshman who was fortunate to attend this event I look forward to continued involvement.”



557 Eric Butson (Cherokee) is a physical chemistry student. He uses computationalchemistry to understand reaction mechanisms and kinetics of various reactions. Eric is pursuing a PhD and plans to become a professor at a liberal arts college to encourage undergraduate students to go into STEM fields. In his spare time, Eric enjoys writing music, playing acoustic guitar and watching movies. He also has great interest in learning about the cosmos and universe.

“SSNAP and the SACNAS conference were both very beneficial. I learned a great deal about writing and how to secure funding. Additionally, I made a lot of good friends and talked to other chemists about their experiences.”

584 Erica Capps (Cherokee) is a zoology student. Her research interests include environmental conservation, Geographic Information System (GIS) and ecology. Erica’s current research focuses on the spread of aquatic invasive species across United States by using GIS to map population locations and attempt to establish broad spatial patterns to provide insight for possible conservation efforts. Her goal is to obtain a PhD and pursue a teaching career or continue doing research in conservation field. In her spare time, Erica is an expert at raising, training, riding, and competing Paint and Pinto horses. She also enjoys boating, 4-wheeling and raising Belgian Blue cattle.  


558 Josh McLoud (Cherokee) is a botany student, currently researching meiotic cell cycle regulation and recombination. Josh is interested in developments in Alzheimers and autism research and the  psychology of addictive behaviors. He hopes to become a professor at a research institute and take an active role with organizations that promote diversity and scholarship.  

Attending the SACNAS National Conference was a great opportunity to learn about resources to move forward in my career. Meeting peers who had been through similar academic hardships, I learned that Native Americans can be successful in academia and industry, which was reassuring. It was a great experience" 

562 Cynthia Oronoa (Mississippi Band of Choctaw) is a student in the department of education. Her research focuses on the alignment of American Indian parent and children’s mathematical views and the impact that it has on student mathematical achievement. She aims to work with American Indian students and teachers to help increase mathematic achievement. In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys spending time with family, reading and participating in American Indian community events. 

“Being a SSNAP Scholar and attending the SACNAS Conference allowed me to see the work of fellow American Indian and Chicano students, network with other American Indian colleagues and take on a mentor role with undergraduate students.”

563 Shelby Rice (Cherokee) is a microbiology student researching protein structure and function determination. Shelby is pursuing a PhD and aspires to conduct research in industry or a national laboratory. In her spare time, Shelby enjoys playing soccer, beading jewelry and singing.

SSNAP and the SACNAS conference have been very beneficial to me because I was given the opportunity to present my research to an audience with cultural backgrounds similar to mine. That experience broadened my social network, allowing for possible future mentorship and collaborative opportunities." 

566 David Supeck (Cherokee) is a biomedical science student interested in immunology, infectious disease and mucosal immunity, gut microbiota research. His ultimate career goal is to be a clinical lab director and work for the NIH or CDC as a research scientist. In his spare time, he enjoys movies, outdoor activities, snowboarding and reading.

The connections I made at the SACNAS conference and the SSNAP meetings were beneficial.  The sessions at the conference were very informative and provided me with information that I can use throughout my degree program.” 

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